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Time has come to answer Malawi’s enticing call to visit and have a lifetime experience for holidays or business.
The friendliness and smiling faces of its people, the warm weather, and its geographical location in the African continent, has earned it the name of "WARM HEART OF AFRICA”

There are more than 2000 reasons why you should visit Malawi in Southern Africa

Here are 10 of them

1. Malawi is the most peaceful and secured country in the region if not the whole world. Always refers to as the 'warm heart of africa'

2- Lake Malawi was ranked top among the world’s fresh water diving destinations (The independent, UK)

3- It is only three thousand kilometers from south africa, shorter than some of the places within south africa itself.

4- Ranked one of the 53 top destinations to be visited in 2008 (New York Times, USA)

5- Accommodation, food, travel, and cost of living, in general is much cheaper than most places in the region and you can book online here.

6- Likoma Island’s beaches were ranked among the world’s top 25 (Daily Telegraph, UK)

7- It is where the sun shines all day and everyday

8- Lake of Stars Festival  was voted among the top ten world pop festivals (The Sunday Times, UK)

9- Its people wear smiling faces all times

10- Liwonde National Park was rated among top fourteen ‘eco treasures’ (Tourism Update, RSA)
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